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My Yoga Story: Stress, Bad Posture, and Four Herniated Disks

I didn’t set out to be a yoga teacher.

By late 2014, I was having regular panic attacks and suffering from low back pain. I began a small yoga practice in my spare bedroom every morning.

I can’t even tell you why I chose yoga. I had done it a few times in the past but it was honestly a random idea to download the Giam app and set aside time each morning in the spare room.

Yoga healed my body and mind. Every morning after my yoga practice I got my calendar and planned my day. I reviewed my schedule and made my to do list. This allowed me to get the day started with a healthy body and a mind that was calm and knew exactly what I had to do for the day.

Yoga gave me focus and the ability to organize my life- and I needed it!

2013 I got remarried and launched my private chef/event busines

2014 I opened my art studio while still running the event business

2015 I started graduate school

2016 I became a yoga teacher (as part of my grad study, not to actually teach)

2017 I was teaching 7 yoga classes a week, 15 art classes a week, and running events for

corporate clients - with Madison and Hunter on staff (thank God!) and Jack’s loving support. That year, I graduated with my MA in Artistic Meditation and began Art & Yoga Workshops.

2018 I moved to Florida and began remodeling our home in Florida while Jack remodeled our Virginia home. During this time, I began traveling for advanced yoga teacher training and went back and forth to Virginia to visit Jack while he continued working his 9-5 government contractor job.

I loved every minute - but it was the yoga that made it all work.

When I got certified to teach yoga in 2016 I did not think I would actually ever teach a class. That isn’t why I was there. I was in school studying therapeutic art modalities.

The creative process is healing and I was interested in how meditation was connected to making art. Painting is my happy place but it’s hard on the body. I didn’t know that the back pain had been herniated disks from leaning over paintings and sitting with a paintbrush in hand for too long.

I worked out regularly but it’s your lifestyle that really effects your body.

The rounded back and hunched shoulders leaning over artwork for hours at a time coupled with the stress of owning a brick and mortar business took toll on my body.

Stress and poor posture is a real combo.

I needed something to tie everything together, to organize my thoughts, and learn my purpose.

The answer was yoga.


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