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RedLife Online

Online recorded class videos are available for $12 a month or are a part of your in-person class and private session memberships. Click Join RedLife below to visit the Purchase Page.  After joining return to this page.  If you have questions about the different types of classes check out the About Yoga page.

Getting Started & Beginner Yoga

Being a beginner is the best. Lifelong learning baby!

beginner low lunge.jpg

All Level Yoga

You got this!  Modify as needed.

Yoga Hip W3.jpg

Functional Strength Yoga

You put the FUN in functional.  Be prepared to laugh at yourself. 

Yoga chair on toes.jpg

Barre & Circuit Training

Meet me at the Barre... or don't cuz you don't need one.  You can use a wall or chair or nothing at all!

bicep curl DER.jpg
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