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About Yoga

Yoga is vast and there are many forms and styles.  Danielle teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin, Active Aging/chair and strength/core based yoga.  Functional movement, stability and mobility, and stress reduction are her primary focus. She is accustomed to working with classes that consist of mixed-level participants and offers a variety of options and modifications during each session.  She wants to educate her clients on how their body works and help them find a practice of movement that provides comfort in daily life. Please understand there are always risks associated with exercise and not every pose or move is for every body.  Check-in with your Doctor or Physical Therapist if you have certain medical/physical conditions.  Modify as needed and listen to your body.  You are encouraged to use props to enhance your practice.  You are responsible for your choices and your body!  Work hard when it is time to work hard and REST when it is time to rest.

Hatha & Vinyasa

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Hatha and Vinyasa yoga work to increase flexibility and strength, improve breathing and quiet the mind. Hatha is similar to a slow flow, postures are held for a few breaths.  Vinyasa, meaning one breath one movement, is a fast-paced series of postures that focuses on the flow between movements rather than individual poses.  Classes that are listed as “All Level” classes are paced somewhere in the middle of the two. The teacher will cue for a mixed group of yogis.  Students use props, blocks, bolsters, and straps, as a tool for accessibility or to increase the challenge in a pose. 

RedLife Functional Movement

Danielle created RedLife Yoga to be yoga for functional movement and a functional mind.  The goal is to create a consistent practice that allows you to calm your mind and move your body effectively as you age. These are mindful movements that promote stability, mobility, strength, flexibility, and range of motion.


Restorative & Yin

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. This class is about comfort and absolute stress reduction.


Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia.  Fascia is a very densely woven covering that is weaved throughout the body (imagine a bodysuit directly under your skin like wearing footie pajamas AND Saran Wrap around all of your muscles and organs).  Yin poses are held for three to seven minutes and facilitate a deeper stretch.  The yogi is looking to access these deeper tissues, and many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine). Yin yoga is a wonderful way to maintain flexibility as we age.

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Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and strength training.  The class uses a variety of equipment including a ball, sliders and light weights or resistance bands. Participants can use a ballet barre, chair or the wall for balance and stability.  Barre features a long warm-up, low to non-impact style workout and stretching to close.  While this is a structured resistance training program, it is tailored to the individual’s fitness needs and can be set at their own pace.  You will need a yoga mat and a bottle of water.  Please be ready to work hard at YOUR OWN PACE.  While this class is considered a “workout” it is low to non-impact and can be tailored to your level and comfort.  

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