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What I Have Learned About Myself as a Retreat Leader

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I am a Certified Retreat Leader. I love to travel and create space for those looking to let go, have an adventure, and explore who they are.

Retreat Leader Training and Overcoming Fears

I scheduled my first trip to Costa Rica because I wanted to learn how to lead international retreats, begin a new chapter of my business, and for the fun of exploring a new country. I committed to the trip in mid February of 2021 and in early March my family suffered a loss that left me feeling like I was without purpose. For those that know me, that’s crazy. I always know what I want and where I am headed.

Grieving takes the energy out of you. It is physically draining. The worry and lack of sleep don’t help. When I left for Costa Rica I was happy to “not think” for a few days. Education and business are two things I love and I was in a new country with new people. I thought this will be a wonderful distraction… until I was on an inner tube floating down the rapids of a Costa Rican river thinking he would have loved this and be so proud of me. Honestly, zip lining and river rapids (mild and mostly lazy river like) were never my thing. I always said no thank, y’all can do that without me. Costa Rica asked for me to be present in the moment and to listen to what I needed.

Retreats are transformational. On a basic level they allow you to unplug from the day to day of your life, meet new people, and learn about your destination. Going deeper, you learn about yourself.

There I was realizing I have to do the work that I am always asking my clients to do. It’s your life. Live it fully. What do you want to do and how do you want to feel? What are the priorities in your life? I don’t want the regret of a missed opportunity. Have I ever told you about crying on a catamaran in St. Thomas because I am afraid of open water? No regrets here! I did it! I went snorkeling and had the time of my life on my 40th birthday with The Hubby.

I am an author, explorer, and have fun everyday. If in five years you see me on the street and find out I don’t write, haven’t left my state, and hate my job what does that say? To date, I have been to Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, St. Marten, St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica! I am looking forward to traveling the U.S. like an excited tourist and visiting Australia, New Zealand, and Greece. I am currently writing my second book and I do have fun EVERYDAY. I have amazing clients, students, and friends that support that last one. Retreats have given me the opportunity to go on adventures with these people I love. Do you want to come with us? Do you need to rest, recharge, release, relax…play, learn, grow?

We are a Work in Progress

Here I am again, in Costa Rica being asked to expand what I know about myself. Yesterday we went hiking through a river. I am not a confident swimmer so, honestly, I was scared. You can do hard things. I cried and doggie paddled my way to the other side and then had to just laugh. The whole process took two minutes of swimming. I started crying because I could not see the other side of where I was swimming to around the rocks. On the way back I jumped right in because I knew the what and where of it. Control issues anyone? There were areas where the rapids were strong but I learned again, I am stronger and it’s easier with like-minded souls cheering you on and telling you to be brave.

What and Where Do You Want to Explore?

My programs focus on the whole person. Yes, eating right and exercising are important but what good is that if you hate your life? Traveling is great but if you don’t have the stamina to keep up then what’s the point?

Travel the world with me, find a little bit of adventure, and explore the areas of our life that promote mental, emotional, and physical health. Where do you want to go? A month from now I’ll be in Colorado scouting for retreat locations and activities- about this time next year I’ll be getting ready for a trip to Italy. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see, conquer, learn? Write it down, tell someone, and message me if you need a plan to get it done.


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