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Private Sessions with Danielle

As a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, Danielle is available for health coaching,  private yoga & strength training.  She is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Development Coach ready to support you on your health and wellness journey.  Take a look at the services available and contact Danielle if you would like to schedule a discovery call to determine how she can tailor a program to your individual needs and goals.  Packages are available for purchase above.  

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Health & Nutrition Coaching Virtual & In-Person

Nutrition eduction and behavior-change strategies to help you develop life-long dietary habits, leading to better health. The goal is to learn about clean whole food and how YOUR body works. It’s time to gather information, pay attention, make choices and understand the consequences. Danielle understands it can be a struggle to "be healthy" with busy schedules and families. Lasting change requires work and self-accountability.  Programs are customizable and are between $300-$560 a month depending on services.

  • Intake & Three-Day Food Journal Review

  • Four 55 Minute Coaching Calls (Zoom or Phone)

  • Discuss Goals, Accomplishments and Barriers

  • Design Your Plan/Schedule

  • Build-a-Bowl and Smoothie Recipes

  • Happy Healthy Weekly Checklist

  • In-Person and/or Virtual Workouts

  • How to Grocery Shop and Meal Prep

  • Text check-in/ Food Journal Review, Sun-Sat 8pm-5pm

  • Private Facebook Group Content, Recipes, Motivation, Exercise

  • Tool Kit (reading materials, websites, pdfs, etc)

Therapeutic Yoga & Movement Private Sessions, $400-560

Danielle is available for private sessions and can create a movement practice tailored to your needs. Session themes include beginner, fitness and therapeutic yoga.  In addition to strength, range of motion and flexibility, appointments  are often comprised of meditation, breath work, and myofascial release.  Danielle has experience working with a variety of clients including those with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis, persistent pain, Osteoporosis, Herniated Disks, Low Back Pain, Scoliosis and more.  







Personal Development

Danielle is  a Certified Professional Coach from The Academy of Creative Coaching.  She is regarded as a Health & Wellness expert and Small Business Mentor with life experience and active listening skills.  Her passion is helping you find your passion! What goals do you have?  Are you working on a current “project” and don’t know where to begin?  Every coaching session gives you the opportunity to be:

Present in your life.

Aware of how you feel and what we already have accomplished.

Specific about what you want and are saying.

On Time for the commitments you make to yourself.

Accountable to yourself (and Coach Danielle!)


Four Life Coaching Sessions, $400

  • Discovery Call, 30 mins.  What are you working on?

  • Four 55 min Phone Calls, Client Topic Lead

  • Inspiration/Goals Planning Sheet

  • Action Plan Created

  • Strategic Schedule & System Creation

  • Weekly Accountability Email Check-in

  • Text check, M-F 8pm-5 pm

  • Resource Kit! (reading materials, websites, pdfs)

  • You have goals!  Let’s get to it.

Danielle’s expertise shines through with each session. Her knowledge and experience has been beneficial in creating a personalized exercise experience. She is always very thoughtful to my limitations while still providing an overall body workout. I am very impressed by her passion to her craft and thankful for her patience. She has been a blessing. - Sheri G


"Danielle is an amazing life coach!  She has helped me through several issues I was trying to resolve.  As a businesswoman I am insanely busy and have let my health take a backseat.  Danielle helped my find more time in my day and make my health a priority without sacrificing any time for my businesses.  I absolutely and highly recommend her." - Patricia Laird

Supporting Happy Healthy Humans

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