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Art journaling is the practice of making art in a book in order to express your creativity, thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions through any type of art form you enjoy.  Common art methods include: painting, collage, drawing, writing, doodling, and using stamps and stickers.


Benefits of art journaling:

  • Eases stress as we focus on creativity and living in the moment.
  • Enjoy the process rather than obsessing over the outcome.  
  • It’s good to play! Glue, splatter, doodle, and collect stickers!
  • Get your thoughts and emotions out on paper.  There is no right or wrong.  The art you are making can be for your enjoyment only - like a “visual diary."
  • Spend time in the "right side" of your brain, where creativity lives and problems are more easily solved.
  • Practice meditative breathing and the benefits that go along with a relaxing activity.  
  • Explore and learn creative art techniques.
  • No experience necessary!


All photos are examples of kits, not exact items included in each Red Art Box.  Red Art Box Members can attend a free monthly in-person Meditation & Mixed Media Workshop and will receive a video demonstration of the supplies included in the Art Box.  


Please choose if you want a new Art Journal, loose supports such as paper, canvas or wood, or art supplies only.  

Mixed Media/ Art Journal Kit

Price Options
One-time purchase
Red Art Box Monthly
Art Journal Included
$28.00every month until canceled
Red Art Box Monthly
Supplies Only
$28.00every month until canceled
Red Art Box Monthly
Loose Supports Included (instead of Journal)
$28.00every month until canceled
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